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When your child is sick, you don’t want to wait for a routine appointment which could be days away; you want them seen that day. Illness in children is not planned, therefore an advanced appointment may not be an option.

At Mid City Pediatrics, we understand the urgency when your child is unwell. We offer same-day sick visits, ensuring your child receives prompt care without unnecessary emergency room visits.  In fact, we prioritize care in our office over emergency room or urgent care center visits whenever possible.

Types of Sick Visits Offered at Mid City Pediatrics

For your child’s urgent care needs, Mid City Pediatrics offers two options for same day sick care.

  1. Same day sick appointments. Our doctors reserve slots in their schedules for last-minute visits every day. Calling early in the day is recommended to check for availability with your child’s regular doctor.
  2. MCP FastLane Walk-In Clinic. We have a dedicated doctor available daily for walk-in patients with urgent care needs. Please note that our Fast Lane Clinic is for routine urgent care and does not address chronic conditions.

Conditions appropriate for Fast Lane Clinic: Fevers, sore throats, coughs, runny noses, rashes, constipation, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, asthma, fractures, sprains, minor lacerations, minor concussions, and COVID symptoms).

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Why Choose Your Pediatrician Over Your Urgent Care or Quick Care Clinics?

When your child is sick, you have to make a decision where to bring them—whether to their pediatrician, urgent care or the emergency room. Did you know that during office hours, the correct answer will be their pediatrician’s office almost every time!

 Emergency care, of course, is avaible for true emergencies where life-saving procedures may be needed. In less serious situations, urgent care is sometimes used by families to address non-emergency health concerns. However, we recommend calling your child’s pediatrician or family doctor before seeking care in an urgent care center, unless your child’s physician is unavailable, or your child is experiencing a medical emergency.

Reasons to utilize your child’s pediatrician rather than urgent care centers or emergency rooms:

  • Cost effectiveness: Your child’s primary care physician visit will typically be the most cost-effective choice. If the ailment can be managed by your child’s pediatrician, it’s best to avoid the high cost and wait time of the emergency room. Plus, we bill your insurance!
  • Established Relationship: Urgent care centers and emergency rooms might feel overwhelming for children due to the unfamiliar setting and staff. Taking your child to their trusted pediatrician at the clinic they’ve been familiar with for years provides a sense of ease, especially in times when they are feeling unwell and most vulnerable.
  • Continuity of Care: Your pediatrician maintains an ongoing, comprehensive medical record of your child’s medical history, ensuring consistent and seamless care. Maintaining a comprehensive medical record with your pediatrician facilitates better ongoing care and treatments for your child.

Choosing your child’s pediatrician for non-emergency situations promotes more personalized, cost-effective, and comprehensive care tailored to your child’s needs.

Call Mid City Pediatrics at 318-221-2225 to schedule your child’s appointment or click here to schedule a Fast Lane sick walk-in appointment today!

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