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MCP Drive-thru Flu Clinic


At Mid City Pediatrics, we emphasize the importance of following the recommended vaccination schedule outlined by the American Academy of Pediatrics. These schedules are designed to protect children during their most vulnerable phases, allowing their immune systems to mount the strongest possible defense. We provide all routine childhood immunizations to ensure comprehensive protection for your child.

Drive Through and Walk-In Flu Clinic:

The flu season typically spans from October through May, with peak cases occurring between December and February. Flu outbreaks vary locally, so staying updated on local flu trends is crucial.

Ask about a flu shot during your child’s well exam or keep an eye out for our Drive-Thru Flu Clinic during peak flu seasons. Mid City Pediatrics was the very first pediatric office in the area to provide drive through vaccine services! With our Drive-Thru Flu Clinic, your child can receive their flu shot without leaving the comfort of their car seat. We vaccinate parents, too.  It’s a convient option for the whole family! Our clinics usually commence in October or as recommended by the CDC. Getting a flu shot remains the most effective preventive measure against the flu. Learn more about our Drive-Thru Flu Clinic by clicking the links.

Stay updated on our Drive-Thru Flu Clinic dates during peak seasons by calling our office at 318-221-2225 or following our updates on Facebook.

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